Autumn Fair X Faire

The UK’s largest seasonal trade show meets the world's leading online wholesale marketplace.

Introducing Autumn Fair’s brand new and exclusive collaborative partnership with Faire! Together, we’re bridging the gap between online and offline buying by offering UK brands and retailers, in the independent community, the opportunity to simplify buying processes, expand networks, discover unique products and grow their business. Sign up now to discover Faire at Autumn Fair 2024.



Innovating retail buying

Autumn Fair and Faire are changing the game by enabling buyers to access the best of offline and online buying with: 


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Discover Faire

  • “The synergy of exhibiting in person and selling on Faire gives us a presence in both worlds. They are both vital and complementary. This partnership will encourage online-only buyers to attend Autumn Fair and see all our products and encourage small, online, Faire-only suppliers to exhibit.”
    Katie Holmes
    Supplier from Sting in the Tail

Online and in-person marketplace synergy

Discover how growing sock brand, Bare Kind navigated both the traditional trade show circuit and the digital platform of Faire. 




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