Sustainability Trail

Championing the brands and suppliers working to ensure a more sustainable and ethical future for all.

Discover our sustainable exhibitors 

The Sustainability Trail highlights the brands and suppliers working to do their part to ensure a more sustainable and ethical future for all. From sourcing materials and manufacturing to the final product and packaging, we recognise that brands and suppliers are shifting their focus for the best. One of the ways we celebrate this is through our sustainable filter on our exhibitor list, so buyers at Autumn Fair can easily find our suppliers who are striving to make a change. 

The Sustainability Trail starts with exhibitors telling us of their sustainable commitments in the following four categories of Environment, Ethical, Material and Packaging. They then add context and imagery. This becomes part of their exhibitor profile, giving them a digital ‘trail’ that buyers can find through the sustainability filter on our exhibitor list.

Sustainability Trail Icons

All sustainable exhibitors are identified on the exhibitor list by a green leaf icon next to their name. Once you click on their profile, you’ll find further details on their sustainable actions through the icons displayed under the sustainability tab. They may include any of the following: 

Environment-Icon.pngEnvironment Icon: Act in the interests of protecting the natural world. 

Ethical-Icon.pngEthical Icon: Demonstrate respect for its employees and uphold a system of moral principles. 

Material-Icon-1.pngMaterial Icon: Use sustainable and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Packaging-Icon-1.pngPackaging Icon: Use reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging which results in improved sustainability.

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