Autumn Fair 2021 On Demand

Want to relive the Autumn Fair experience? Tune in to our on-demand content to catch up on anything you might have missed, including our exclusive content sessions with retail experts and trend forecasters. 

Catch up with all the live content from Autumn Fair below. 

Day One

What is the future of the high street?

Independent retailers are the lifeblood of the high street in the UK. As multi retailers struggle and flounder, many independent retailers have seen a boom in sales through the past year of lockdowns. As consumers look for new ways to support their local economy, the place of independents continues to develop. Do not miss this vital session to discover how the high street may continue to evolve and how independent retailers can find success.

Ashley Armstrong, Retail Editor - The Times

Melissa Dawkins, Founder - Made in Ashford
Carol Pyrah, Executive Director - Historic Coventry Trust
Jackie Muliigan, Founder & CEO - ShopAppy

How tomorrow's retailers can win by going 'back to the future'

Futurist William Higham has worked with retailers from Sainsbury's to Amazon. In this talk, he'll look at how customers' changing attitudes and behaviours will impact the High Street of the future. He'll show how retailers can appeal to tomorrow's shoppers by focusing on 'traditional' qualities like local, personal and communal; and how smart retailers will strike a balance between old (human-ness and comfort) and new (technology and convenience).

William Higham, Founder & CEO - Next Big Thing

Design Inspirations with Paul Moneypenny

Since breaking into the design community via BBC2’s Interior Design Masters, Paul Moneypenny simply hasn’t stopped. Join us as we talk design, inspiration, the difference between trends and fads, and how to tell the difference, and his top tops on how to make creative decisions that have impact.

Combating founders' fatigue and re-energising your business

Independent retail is built by small business owners who are passionate, dedicated, and brave. However, without self-care and kindness, it can be difficult to stay energised to create a business that truly reflects you. Take this time to understand the key strategies to putting yourself at the centre of your business and ensuring you protect your energy.

Roo Davies , Founder - The Mojo Coach

Day Two

The Future of Celebration

Inform your buying this season with this vital insight into the macro-trends impacting consumers. From the changes the pandemic has brought onto our lifestyles at home and work, to overarching generational shifts, this session will ensure you have all the information you need to use macro-trends within your business.

Kate Usher, Senior Trend Editor - Trend Bible

What will the post-pandemic consumer expect from retail?

Consumer expectations of retailers have been growing steadily – and the pandemic has catapulted these even further. More than ever before, customers are looking for memorable retail spaces online and offline – whether that is in convenience, community, or experience. For retailers, this means competition is fierce to win the loyalty of consumers in a fast-paced landscape. How do you ensure you are winning your share of the revenge buyers’ wallet? This expert panel of retailers will explore the ways in which they have re-thought their retail operations to place customer experiences at the heart of their strategy.

Naeem Arif, Managing Director - NA Consulting Ltd

David Dagger, Marketing and Communications Director - ICS
Wizz Selvey, Founder - Wizz & Co.
Hellen Stirling-Baker, Owner - Small Stuff

Creating and connecting with your own tribe

The importance of community, be it in the physical world or online, has never been more important following a difficult year. With increasing numbers of consumers now scrolling through their social media more, and using social media and online channels to choose where they shop, its vital that brands to deliver a positive experience and engage with their customers online, and take the opportunity to develop that relationship with its customers. 

This session explores how you can build relationships and start conversations with your customers to develop an active & engaged social media community. 

Amy Hobson, Social B - Partner & Social Media

Day Three

Supercharge Your Instagram Page

With increasing numbers of consumers now scrolling through their social media, and using social media and online channels to choose where they shop, it’s vital that brands deliver a positive experience, engage with their customers online, and take the opportunity to develop that relationship. Instagram is a great place to do this, now with lots of options on how to share your good looking products. Whether you are looking to curate a high-end grid, funny & sharable reels or maybe you are brave enough to go live; we have some tips and tricks to share with you.

This session will cover – your Instagram essentials, making the most of each feature and how you can adapt your content for ultimate Instagram engagement.

Amy Hobson, Social B - Partner & Social Media

Theo Paphitis Keynote conversation: The evolving shape of UK retail

The last 18 months have left a big stamp on the shape of retail, with stalwart retailers disappearing and a new power dynamic emerging between online retail and more traditional bricks and mortar businesses.  However, with all change comes opportunity, and the chance to change the way that consumers think about retail, and your business.

One of the big questions is how independent retailers, who are potentially positioned to come out of this period stronger than ever, take advantage this? From a resurgence in the local High Street to retailers embedding themselves in their local community, there may never be a better time to cement your business. However, how do you stay on top of consumers evolving expectations, and double down on the service and experience that is your competitive advantage. It has been said for a while that retail needs a reset to focus on service, and customer experience, and now is that time.

Join us as retail entrepreneur Theo Paphitis joins us to talk through some of these big questions, and as always is here to answer some of your questions too.

Theo Paphitis, Retail Entrepenuer
Mark Faithfull , Editor - World Retail Congress

Day Four

The Retail Trust: Supporting colleagues in retail to thrive

Join our charity partner The Retail Trust for this important session exploring the ways in which retail colleagues should be supported. Ensuring we are creating an industry that cares for the mental and physical health of all is now more important than ever. Learn about the work that The Retail Trust do, and take away key practical lessons to implement across your organisation.

Chris Brook-Carter, CEO - The Retail Trust
Julie Driscoll, Managing Director, UK - Hyve Group

Subscribing to new business models

New operating models have truly come into their own with consumers looking for new ways to discover products and new experiences whilst shopping. One such model that has truly taken off is the subscription retail. With record high consumer interest, low advertising costs and a confirmed monthly revenue source, is this model the future for independents? Join this session to take away new ideas to translate into your business and be inspired.

Chris Lambert, Founder – ScrawlrBox
Debi McCormack, Founder - Boxcitement

The physical iteration of Autumn Fair 2021 may sadly now have ended but you can still scroll through and contact our exhibitors for more information about their range of products and services.


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