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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

Connect @ Autumn Fair


Connect as a Buyer

Join Connect @ Autumn Fair to get the most out of your time at Autumn Fair 2023 and get business done! Connect @ Autumn Fair helps the retail community connect and do business via facilitated meetings. Discover new brands and products your business needs in an incredibly efficient and effective way.
Connect @ Autumn Fair will connect 3,000+ buyers with all 600+ Autumn Fair suppliers for 6,000+ high value onsite meetings. All meetings are double opt-in (both people want to meet each other), held at suppliers’ stands and are scheduled based on your individual availability. Buyers can participate in Connect @ Autumn Fair at no cost.

Buyers join Connect @ Autumn Fair to:

  • Participate in as many double opt-in 15-minute speed date meetings as you’d like, up to 48 (limited only by your availability and mutual interest).

  • Enjoy access to an exclusive Connect @ Autumn Fair lounge where you can rest, recharge, check in with other team members and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Connect as a Buyer at Autumn Fair
Connect @ Autumn Fair Buyer

Connect @ Autumn Fair is the best way to:

  • Discover and be inspired by new and emerging products. Find your company’s next best-sellers in time for the Golden Quarter, retail’s busiest time of year.

  • Use your time at Autumn Fair 2023 in the most efficient way possible. Quickly and easily meet the suppliers behind the products you need.

  • Find specific product features and supplier terms that your business needs.

Connect @ Autumn Fair is powered by a leading meetings tech company that developed and operates the largest meetings programmes for retail events in the US.

Who should join Connect @ Autumn Fair?

If you’re a buyer, you should join Connect @ Autumn Fair. There’s no minimum budget requirement, and no minimum meetings requirement - you simply schedule the double opt-in meetings that you want to schedule.

Buyers like you are joining! Here’s more detail on who’s participating in Connect @ Autumn Fair. Buyers from:


  • Independent Gift Store/Boutique

  • Home/Furniture Retailer

  • Lifestyle Store

  • Garden Centre

  • Jewellery Store

  • High St Fashion/Fashion Retailer

  • Department Store

  • Destinations/Attractions

  • Discount Retailer

  • Toy/Childrens Gift Store

  • Farm Shop

  • Supermarket

  • Pharmacy/Chemist

  • Bookshop

  • Independent Fashion Boutique

  • Wholesale/distribution

  • Interior Design/Architecture

  • Hospitality

  • Importer/Exporter

Which suppliers could I meet?

You’ll meet everyone you need to meet! 600+ suppliers from across home, gift and fashion are joining Connect @ Autumn Fair, representing thousands of new and established brands and tens of thousands of products that can inspire and delight your customers.

Meet suppliers from:



  • Everyday

  • Housewares

  • Home, Living & Decor

  • The Summerhouse


  • Beauty & Wellbeing

  • Gift

  • Greetings & Stationery

  • Kids, Toys & Play


  • Womenswear

  • Footwear

  • Jewellery & Watch

  • Fashion Accessories

What’s next?

To join Connect @ Autumn Fair, make sure that you:

  • Register for Autumn Fair before 11th August 2023

  • Complete your Meetings Profile – don’t worry, we’ll email you when it’s time to do this!

Once you complete your Meetings Profile, you (and 3,000 other buyers) will follow a simple process in the 4 weeks preceding Autumn Fair to schedule your meetings. Then, simply attend your meetings when you’re at the show! It’s that easy! 

And don’t worry, your meetings are scheduled based on your individual availability. Your meetings will be at suppliers’ stands, so you’ll be able to view, touch and feel their whole range of offerings while you meet them.

Connect @ Autumn Fair launches in 2023, in the meantime though you can still register for our September 2022 event!

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