15 Apr 2019

Understanding the 5 Different Types of Customers

Understanding the people that come into your retail store is the first step to converting them into customers. A different sales approach will work for different types of customers, so it’s essential to understand how they like to shop. While every retail store will have multiple different types of customers, they can usually be broken up into five more general terms.

1. The Researcher

The researched customer is very well informed. They’ve done a tonne of research looking for the best place to get the product they’re shopping for. This type of customer is usually only in your store for the item(s) on their list (mental or otherwise), so usually can’t be swayed into purchasing anything else. If they do notice something they like, the chances are that they’ll go back home to browse the internet for the best alternatives, rather than purchase it on the spot. 

2. The Impulsive Customer

The impulsive customer is a very spontaneous shopper. They are very different than the researched customer and will easily and often buy stuff on a whim. They usually make purchase decisions based on their wants and not their needs. In order to appeal to the impulsive customer, you should stock items they’re likely to buy near the counters and beside complimentary products. Impulsive customers are very impatient, so they don’t like long queues and waiting around. The less time they have to think about something, the more likely that are to buy it.

types of customers

3. The Bargain Hunter

The bargain hunter is constantly on the lookout for promotional sales and discounts. They are the first person in line on Black Friday or during after Christmas sales. They thrive off sales and are constantly looking for the best deal. They’ve probably done their research before they’ve got to your store to make sure you are giving them the greatest discount. Bargain hunters buy in bulk, so even though they’re buying at a reduced cost they can still rack up a hefty bill.

4. The Window Shopper

The fourth type of customer is the window shopper. Window shopper’s go shopping for the experience rather than to purchase certain products. They love to browse through internet shops or in store as a hobby. They view a day out shopping as a fun activity rather than a chore. Even though they’re not going shopping directly to buy something, they may still make purchases. The longer the window shopper is in your retail store, the more likely they are to buy something, try and create fun and entertaining experiences to attract these types of customers.

different types of customers

5. The Loyal Customer

The loyal customer shops with their emotions and not their wallets. They are willing to spend more for a product if they recognise the brand or company. They feel connected with certain brands and businesses and are sceptical about shopping elsewhere. Loyal customers will come back to your store again and again. They want to be kept in the loop so will sign up to newsletters and emails. Trust is everything to these types of customers and once you break it, it’s very hard to build it back up.

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