09 Jul 2020

The power of the "Made in Britain" label

The UK, and London in particular, have long been heralded as the champions of innovative design and cutting-edge style in a number of industries, and it’s no secret that the retail market is one of Britain’s most crucial economic drivers.

In recent years, the UK hasn’t exactly been a well-known port of call for sourcing and manufacture with many brands choosing to outsource their supply chain to Asia and Eastern Europe in search of more cost-effective solutions. But, as the Made in Britain label begins to reclaim its appeal, the future’s looking brighter for UK suppliers.

We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the “Made in Britain” effect. British products have become synonymous with quality, credibility and class and British heritage counts for a lot. 

It’s not just nostalgia driving this change, though. There is a markedly practical reason for the shift. With labour costs rising in traditionally cheaper production markets, like China, and a growing public awareness of providence, environmental issues and ethical sourcing, staying within the British supply chain is looking more and more attractive. From materials suppliers to factory space, many British brands are starting to look closer to home for all stages of the supply chain.

And businesses aren’t the only ones placing value on British-made goods. A recent survey conducted by influential blog Make It British found that 60% of people agree with the statement “If I know that a product is made in Britain I believe it to be of good quality”. In other words, British-made goods carry value for companies and consumers alike.

Whilst we pride ourselves on championing businesses from all over the world, it’s equally gratifying to see that our home country’s supply chain is going through such an exciting revival. With obvious challenges and changes afoot, which will inevitably impact our industry, communication and strong relationships are key. 

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