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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Lessons Learned From Lockdown, and the First Week of Trading

Thursday 21 May, 2020 17:00pm  - 18:00pm

Join us as we talk to garden centre owners and industry leaders as they recount their experiences and share a few war stories from this period. From having to move online at pace, set up logistic operations and in some cases pivot their core operations to try to stay open in some way. All of this against a back drop of furloughing staff, revenue declines and trying to navigate working with their suppliers and growers at times when no one had answers. However, despite this, during a crisis creativity and invention can often present interesting opportunities.

We will touch on what they have learned about their own businesses during this period, their hopes for the future and an honest account of what the first week of trading has really been like.

Tune in and watch this candid discussion to learn how others have fared during this time, and your chance to get involved and ask any questions you may have that could help you overcome any challenges you are facing right now.

Host: Trevor Pfeiffer, Director, Garden Trade News
Panel: Boyd J Douglas-Davies, Director, British Garden Centres & President of the HTA
Mike Burks, Managing Director, The Gardens Group & Chairman of the GCA
Adam Wigglesworth, Director, Aylett Nurseries
Will Blake, General Manager, St Peters Garden Centre

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