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Winners & losers of 2017

retail market report

The UK retail market suffered through some challenging times in 2017. While most online retailers saw good growth in 2017, it was the bricks and mortar retailers that suffered from low footfall and declining sales from shoppers who are out looking for a bargain in times when stores are looking to maximise profits.

This catch 22 situation was seen time and time again on the high street over the Christmas period, with a number of retailers struggling to get customers through the door.

Marks & Spencer reported a slump in sales of...

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1 - Introduction

retail market report

The retail sector is – perhaps more than any other – tethered to the economic wellbeing of the country. By its very nature, retail relies on...Read more

2 - Large Businesses

retail market report

The UK retail market suffered through some challenging times in 2017. While most online retailers saw good growth in 2017, it was the...Read more

3 - Small Businesses

retail market report

Companies employing fewer than 250 people are the backbone of the UK economy, making up over 99% of all UK businesses and accounting for more than... Read more

4 - 2018 Outlook

retail market report

This perfect storm of geopolitical and macroeconomic events will present significant headwinds to retailers over the coming 12-24 months...Read more

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