2-5 September 2018

Volume Opens 1 Sep

NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK

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2-5 September 2018


2-5 September 2018

Volume Opens 1 Sep

NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK

Opening Times | Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun to Tues 09:00-18:00, Wed 09:00-16:00

Navigate the Show

Autumn Fair can be a little daunting for a first time visitor but don’t worry! We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get around the show easily and efficiently.


How the show is laid out

Autumn Fair consists of 5 Halls.

Each hall contains a number of show sectors.

The floorplan shows the the halls and a breakdown of show sectors.

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How to find a stand

Most stand numbers look like this: 3R40

3 is the first number = This is hall number 3

R is the letter =This is row number R

40 is the second set of numbers = This is the 40th stand in the row

However, some stand numbers look like this: 3R40-S41

This simply means that you can find the stand from two access points:

Hall 3, Row R,  40th Stand


Hall 3, Row S, 41st Stand

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3 steps to plan the best possible route

  1. Save your favourite exhibitors in the visitor zone
  2. Note their stand numbers and plan your route around the show
  3. Book appointments with exhibitors along your route

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Which hall should you enter from?

Once you have collected your badge or have shown your printed badge at the entrance you can access the Autumn Fair show from any hall.

Depending on which appointment, exhibitor or show sector you'd like to visit first, decide which hall number you'd like to start your journey from.

Little Black Book cover

The Little Black Book

You may have received a copy of our Little Black Book show preview in the post. You can use this to help you navigate the show, find your favourite exhibitors and check out our seminar highlights.

Here’s a link to a handy digital version so you can carry it with you wherever you go.





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