Autumn Fair

4-7 September 2022 | NEC BIRMINGHAM

At the Show

you're heading to the nec!

You're heading to the NEC!

Remember to bring your badge along with you – it will save you time when you first arrive, if you don’t have to queue to get a new print out.

Practical Tips for new trade show visitors

How the Show is Laid Out

Autumn Fair is made up of 5 halls at the NEC.

Each Hall contains a number of show sectors.


The floorplan below shows the halls and which show sectors they host.

globe uk close up - how Autumn Fai r is laid out


How the Stand Numbers work

Whether you’ve been to an exhibition before or not, locating exhibitors via their stand number within the halls can be a bit daunting. We’ve put together a quick intro, so you can find your way around.

How to Find a Stand

Most stand numbers look like this: 4G40

4 is the first number = This is hall number 4

G is the letter =This is row G

40 is the second set of numbers = This is the 40th stand in the row

However, some stand numbers look like this: 2F03-E02

This simply means that you can find the stand from two access points:

Hall 2, Row F, 03rd Stand


Hall 2, Row E, 02nd Stand

autumn fair planning

Steps to Planning your Route around the Show

Use the website, The Little Black Book (or if you’re already at the show, the Show Catalogue or the A-Z) to find your favourite exhibitors.

Note their stand numbers and plan your route through the halls, around the show.

Book appointments with exhibitors along your route using the AF Product Match app. You’ll have received log in details for AF Product Match in your registration details email.

why plan your route car at autumn fair

Why Plan your Route?

Autumn Fair takes up the whole of Halls 1-5. This means that if the first exhibitor you plan to see is in Hall 1 and the second is in Hall 5, depending on the length of your stride, it can take over 10 minutes to walk from one appointment to another. Good to know if you’re keeping to a tight schedule!

this way at autumn fair

Which Hall should you enter from?

Once you’ve collected your badge or have shown your printed badge at the entrance you can access Autumn Fair from any hall.

Depending on which appointment, exhibitor or show sector you'd like to visit first, decide which hall number you'd like to start your journey from.


Here a few things that are good to know!


If you have a coat, or a bag (or lots of bags) and you arrive at the show before you check into your hotel, then there cloakrooms in the main piazza at all show entrances that you can access for a fee (or for free at the Seasons Club in the Toute Suite if you’re a VIP!). Drop your bags off and enjoy the show luggage-free.


The NEC has free wifi that is available to all visitors at the show.


As well as the feature cafes that are unique to Autumn Fair, the NEC also has a host of food and drink options including Subway, Starbucks, self-service cafés and more. Whether you’re looking for sandwiches, sausage rolls, salads or kosher options, there is something for you across all of the halls.  Food and drink points are marked on the floorplans (which you can find in the Little Black Book, Show Catalogue and the A-Z) and clearly marked around the NEC.


If you have any more questions try our visitors FAQ page.


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