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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Club

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Hello, VIP buyer

The Club treats and rewards buyers from independent or larger retailers at Autumn Fair. If you’re a retail buyer and have attended past events, you could receive a Club badge for FREE. 

As a member of The Club you will unlock VIP perks* designed to make your visit to Autumn Fair even more enjoyable.  

Perks include: 

  • Access to The Club Lounge 

  • Plenty of seating and a free cloakroom  

  • Complimentary tea and coffee 

  • Free charging station for your phone, tablet or laptop  

  • Complimentary parking 

*Subject to availability and terms. 

How do I become a Club member? 

Club members get their VIP badge by registering to attend Spring Fair and meeting certain criteria*. Members can also be nominated by an exhibiting supplier and can receive an invitation to The Club from them. 

*You must be a buyer or established retailer with purchasing authority to fit the criteria. Being a Club Member is FREE. 

Have any questions about The Club? Send an email to theclub@springfair.com

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