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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

Success Stories: Quail Ceramics

Success Stories: Quail Ceramics

We never miss Autumn Fair, it’s a key part of our exhibition programme every year.” - Debbie Beevor, Managing Director, Quail Ceramics

Focus and Challenges

Over 30 years ago, Quail started making wood carvings of animals. After fifteen years, the decision was made to move into ceramics and the business has grown ever since. Today, the company has over 700 products and 600 stockists in 27 countries around the world.

Every design has a purpose and is created in-house with every product hand-painted by highly skilled artists. With variations to each product, older designs are still requested by loyal customers. A commitment to ‘really keen prices’ and customer service has resulted in a no minimum order policy. Clearly, it is the knowledge and dedication of the small team at Quail that makes the business successful.

In broad terms, the customer profile is independent retailers specialising in gift products. However, Quail products are bought by Liberty’s of London, garden centres, interior design shops, even motorway service stations, any retailer wanting to enhance their display and breadth of offering with attractive products at good margins. The challenge is to find the right retailers - high quality outlets who deliver personal customer service. This approach is part of the Quail brand values and demonstrated by the fact that the company doesn’t use agents, instead preferring to build direct, long-term relationships with customers.  

Quail ceramics

The objective: Identify the right exhibitions to build the brand and find new customers.

Debbie said, “Autumn Fair works for us every year, helping us to keep building our brand positioning and customer relationships.

“We launch about 20 new designs every January, and Autumn Fair gives us the final major opportunity of the year to promote our whole range and drive Christmas orders.”

The Autumn Fair solution

When designing the stand, Quail Ceramics want to promote their full range of designs and give visitors the best opportunity to find products they believe will work best in their store. Display stands at different heights and shelves on walls at the back of the stand combine to create maximum surface area with products positioned to catch the eye of passers-by. 

Pre-show, the company emails all its customers with show details. Its advertising strategy is to place posters on the bridge walkways into Autumn Fair, hitting visitors just as they arrive and helping to make the company front-of-mind as they enter the show.


Autumn Fair holds a key position in the annual promotional calendar for Quail, it’s why they never miss a show.

Meet the team

  • Longstanding customers meet the Quail team each year at the show
  • New customers are introduced to the people behind the Quail brand

Win new orders

  • Remind existing customers of the ever-growing product range
  • Catch last minute orders for the Christmas season

Promote the brand

  • Reinforce the product offering through touch and feel of the products
  • Highlight the major sales opportunities Quail creates for all types of retailers


“We’ve re-booked for 2019 and are looking forward to being part of the show in its new layout.” - Debbie Beevor, Managing Director, Quail Ceramics


  • Signed new accounts
  • Orders taken on the stand and in the following weeks
  • Increase the brand profile

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