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4-7 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Roo Davies

Roo Davies

Coach and Speaker, The Mojo Coach

Roo is the go-to coach if you want to find your passion, positivity and purpose. Your spark can dim, you can lose sight of what makes you tick, your confidence, energy, enthusiasm or focus can wane. She calls this losing your mojo. She is an expert in helping identify and clear blockers to your progress, gain the vital clarity on your purpose and direction so that you can smash your goals.

She’s a pretty unique coach as she wears a few hats… Life Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Strengths Coach and a Mentor. Whatever hat she’s wearing, she helps her clients thrive in their personal, professional and business life.

With Roo you’re in safe hands, she initially trained at Oxford University then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching. Her coaching expertise is combined with 20 years working in marketing, and managing global teams, so she also brings a unique blend of strategic business know-how, experience and mentoring.

She’s won coaching awards and is accredited with Institute of Leadership & Management and the Association for Coaching.



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