Maggie Thornton

Maggie Thornton

Owner, Alligator Pear
United Kingdom

"I have joined the board because of my passion for the shows and my desire to take an active role in their success. As a buyer for a store with many departments, going to a show is the most effective way to buy across many ranges. It is the only way to see trends, the most efficient way to build stories, and the best way to engage with companies and find new ones. With many years of experience in the gift trade, the opportunity to work together with the suppliers and trade bodies on the board gives me a voice to help make the buying fairs even more relevant and popular and to be a draw for the best companies." 


Maggie is the creative force behind Alligator Pear, an award-winning lifestyle store based in Tadworth, Surrey. With an eye for trendsetting designs and an unwavering commitment to customer service in Alligator Pear Maggie has created a cherished destination for customers looking for on-trend, distinctive gifts, fashion, and home decor. 

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