Jason Bensohn

Jason Bensohn

Managing Director, One Dot World Ltd.

"It remains very important for a brand like ours to continue to showcase our pieces in front of both existing and potential new clients. Spring Fair remains the best show within our sector to do that. Clearly the world and the industry have changed a lot since my parents first exhibited at Spring Fair over 20 years ago - but it is great to work with an organiser that is willing to listen and that is motivated to embrace the changes, as well as overcome the challenges that all shows face now and in the future." 


As Managing Director of One World, Jason Bensohn upholds the legacy of his parents' vision, maintaining a steadfast commitment to curated elegance and timeless design. Grounded in ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, Jason leads the team in delivering exquisite home furnishings and decor, true to the principles on which the business was founded. One World remains a premier destination for discerning customers seeking quality craftsmanship and distinctive style, thanks to Jason's dedication to preserving its heritage while driving innovation. 


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