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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter

Wilton Bradley Ltd Hall: Hall 8-7-6-20-19 Stand: 20B41
  • Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter
  • Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter
Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter Xootz Bubble-Go Scooter

Leave a trail of bubbles with the Xootz Bubble-Go scooter in Pink or Blue. Watch their little face light up as they Ride along on their 3-wheeled scooter and bubbles magically appear. Simply add bubble solution to the front Mounted bubble machine and watch as Hundreds of bubbles blow away in the wind behind.

Perfect for children over 3, the Xootz Bubble Go Scooter is a new way for kids to have fun. with a twist on the classic bubble scooter. The front-mounted bubble machine lets your child enjoy the bubbles whizzing past them as they’re scooting around.



  • New to Autumn Fair
  • Children
  • £50 - £99
  • Kids & Baby
  • Kids, Toys & Play
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