The Sparklers

A sophisticated diffuser film inside the lamp splits up the light from the dozen or so internal LEDs into a myriad points of light which then frame a variety of Winter scenes, giving a bright glistening frost effect to the entire lamp. The high quality moulded glass has a thin coating of iridescent film and this discrete rainbow sheen is enhanced by the two-tone light from the warm white LEDs which display gentle shades of rose and gold throughout the sparkling frosted landscape.  New designs are 'Santa', 'Winter Berries' and the multi-coloured version of the Deer Park design.

  • Glass & PU
  • 8 - 12 x warm white or 4-coloured LEDs
  • 3 x sizes  -  20cm, 18cm, 15.5cm
  • 3 x AA batteries required
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