Signature Cuddle Puppies

Puppy eyes are adorable and heart melting to the point where you cannot help but love them. With those sad eyes you just want to cuddle, protect and love them.

New adorable unique puppy eyes in Keel Toys Cuddle Puppies make them a breed apart. Each eye is bespoke to the breed of dog with size and colour including blue, green and brown variations. With weighted paws and a floppy body, they simply loved to be hugged. Without doubt we have put the Play Value and Ahh Value into the Cuddle Puppies. There are 12 designs in the 25cm size presented in a floor display which also features fabulous collars which are purchased separately. The breeds include old favourites like the Labrador and Husky and are complimented with New including French Bulldog, Labradoodle and Wheaten Terrier. Larger versions are available in 32cm, 37cm, and 47cm sizes. To complete the Cuddle Puppies there are 12 Standing Puppies with Lead which have always been a toy favourite.

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