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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

WXY Roam Candles

The Eclectic Lifestyle Hall: Hall 8-7-6-20-19 Stand: 6M20-20A21
  • WXY Roam Candles
  • WXY Roam Candles
  • WXY Roam Candles
WXY Roam Candles WXY Roam Candles WXY Roam Candles

Part of our most popular Amber & Umbra family, the 12.5oz Roam candles (which come in thick brightly coloured glass with a patterned cotton drawstring bag) have been designed to explore the invigorating fragrances of four vibrant summer destinations.

Where would you rather roam?

salt . water . sky
Dip your toes into the Mediterranean sea and breath in the scent of fresh, summer sea air. Roam under the blue skies and discover hints of citrus and eucalyptus. 

peach . hibiscus . pine
Transport yourself to a tropical paradise, roam amongst the sweet aroma of succulent peaches and the fresh floral scent of hibiscus. 

olive . lemon . sun
Roam the streets of Sicily and catch the citrus zest of the lemon and olive trees. Sit back with a refreshing drink and bask in the sunshine.

grass . moss . shade
Explore under the dappled shade of the forest. Whilst you roam, take in the natural scents of spring moss, grass and ripening summer fruits.


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