Keepers of the Light Scented Candles

The ‘Keepers of the Light' candle range are housed in large and beautifully traditional chunky farmhouse-style glass jars, topped with embossed antique copper lids, tied with a homespun ribbon and hung with a gift tag. There are 21 scents in the range and they come in 3 great value sizes.

The Keepers range from the Cheerful Candle Company are best known for their amazingly vivid and faithful True To Life™ fragrances. The Papa and Mama sizes are double-wicked using self trimming cotton wicks with zinc cores which produce an amazing and longer lasting fragrance throw with a clean and even burn that never ‘tunnels' in use, pooling right to the edge of the jars in 1 to 2 hours.

  • Papa - 34oz / 964g
  • Mama - 22oz / 624g
  • Baby - 6oz / 170g
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