Graypants Wick light

The new Graypants Wick light is a revolution in wire free lighitng, take your light everywhere you go and up to 110 hours pof light and 4 different light settings. Operating without any cords, this item is convenient for taking on the go with you. For example, you can take it with you on adventures, use it in the garden for a relaxing ambiance, or keep it in your car to use in times of need. The Wick is a connected device that creates an inviting setting with friends and family. Combine a romantic gadget with a practical flashlight no matter where you are. It's easy to operate, to adjust the lighting simply tap the battery-powered candle to suit your environment. Not only does it enhance function, but it also looks like an old-fashioned candle. This makes it a great ornament to keep on display.

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