26 Oct 2021

The Three emails you can't afford not to send to your customers 


You know about email marketing, but did you know that it has an average ROI of almost £35? On the surface, email marketing is simply to promote products, but there is more to it than that. When utilised effectively, this marketing channel plays a huge role in building long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers. Sales and promotion emails will always have their place, but you may be missing a trick without a few other key emails.  


  • The Welcome Email  

It’s easy to forget to welcome potential customers to your store when you are not face to face. Think of it like this. When someone enters a physical store, a great start to a positive customer experience is a warm welcome to the brand and shop. This is similar to someone visiting your website and signing up to receive emails from you; they should receive a welcome just as they would in a physical shop and an email is just the way to do it. Emailing new subscribers is also an excellent opportunity to set expectations about how often and what you will communicate with them. New leads are most engaged within 48 hours of subscribing; this is your chance to introduce them to your brand and get them excited about future content.  


  • The Newsletter Email 

Newsletters are sent out regularly to subscribers and share news related to any new products, promotions, latest changes, milestones and updates about your business. They give you a forum to establish your expertise in your industry whilst also demonstrating your commitment to your customers. With compelling content and a nice design, your subscribers will come to recognise, love and trust your brand. Perhaps the biggest barrier to sending out email newsletters regularly is the perceived time commitment it requires. However, it is not necessary to craft lengthy emails, selecting a single goal or topic works well too.  

  • The Abandoned Cart Email 

Abandoned cart emails are a gentle reminder to a customer that they have added products to a shopping cart and ‘abandoned’ them there. Globally, ¾ of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing a purchase but over a third of them click back to complete the purchase after being sent a reminder email. The idea is to re-engage shoppers who are already thinking about making a purchase from you but for whatever reason have not completed the journey. So, timing is key. Whilst figures vary, in general it is better to send an email sooner rather than later, with the most optimum time being an hour or two after the cart is abandoned. You can also persuade shoppers to complete their orders by offering a discount. 


As you may have gathered, the trick to email marketing is finding the right balance of content, that ultimately offers the best experience for your customers, and keeps your business in their minds. Implementing these emails into your marketing strategy are a sure way to convert more of your browsers to buyers. 


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