03 Apr 2019

Spring/Summer 2020 - Macro Fashion Trends

In response to a world in transition, we seek a greater connection to nature and a deeper sense of wholeness, reflecting on what really matters.

As well as trying to be our best selves on a physical, spiritual and metaphysical level, we also adopt a more outrospective attitude, focusing on the world around us. Consumption culture is replaced with a desire for meaningful experiences and sustainable solutions, as we celebrate process and embrace the imperfect.

Technology both empowers and unsettles us, as we merge tech and humanity to create a ‘new normal’ with limitless possibilities. Barriers are broken and gender & sexuality become irrelevant as Gen Z increasingly seek non-binary products and experiences. Cultural exchanges and high-low combinations create surprising outcomes, as we break down barriers….and have fun!


The rare and imperfect becomes aspirational and redefines the concept of luxury, as consumers embark on a quest for exotic and undiscovered products and ingredients. A celebration of imperfection and failure means artists and creatives are embracing process and learning from their mistakes. Consumers regenerate their perceptions of beauty and see value in flaws.

Changing the narrative around perfection also encourages a more real way to live, both IRL and online. Remote retreats and calming environments offer a place to focus, reflect and find new perspectives.

Consumption culture is replaced with a desire for adaptable and sustainable solutions, while built to last products are revered for their longevity. As the continuing conversation around sustainability reaches crisis point, consumers consider the environmental impact of the fashion industry and look for alternative ways to shop. The exploration of sustainable ingredients and processes continues as innovators look to natural resources such as bacteria, algae, fruit and vegetables to create new materials, wellness and skincare products.

spring/summer 2020


Intimate desires and the need for amplified experiences are pushed to the max, creating a new normal with limitless possibilities. As extremes abound, consumers are left feeling simultaneously enhanced, thrilled and anxious.

Tapping into consumer’s desire for the unexpected, the beauty, food and drink industries combine innovative science with Insta-worthy appeal, creating surprising and strange outcomes.

Technology is embedded into every aspect of modern day living as society continues to question its impact on humanity. Tech enlightens and entertains, while also encouraging obsessive behaviours. As issues surrounding the sharing of personal data and online bullying escalate, twitter and Instagram encourage people to share their stories and raise awareness.

Fourth wave feminism and the #metoo moment continue to create more inclusive and diverse attitudes and femininity is celebrated. A new drive towards equality means media, products and services start to pass through the female gaze, making them a more balanced reflection of modern society.

Sex care is the new self care, as the next big opportunity for beauty brands lies in the sexual wellness market. As the notion of love evolves within society, consumers also experiment with the meaning of intimate relationships.

s/s 2020 fashion trends


Striving to find meaning in an uncertain world, consumers embrace mind and body enhancing experiences, while ancient practises and modern mysticism offer alternative self-care solutions.

Consumers reawaken to the enchanted powers of the universe and seek a piece of the sacred in the everyday - satisfying their craving for meaning and serenity and fixing their gaze on the wellbeing trilogy of emotional, physical and metaphysical health. As feeling good becomes the new looking good, the idea of wholeness sees the health and wellness industries become fashions biggest rival.

Calm, considered and thoughtful, looking out not in creates a whole approach to living well. Gaining perspective is prioritised as the concept of wellness becomes more inclusive – ‘less about me, more about we’. Good mental and spiritual health become as important as physical fitness.

New bohemians embrace their inner hippy to live, love and create in harmony. Retail spaces and the home become places of ritual, connected to nature and humanity, while travel destinations are the new sacred spaces, offering remote but connected escapes.

fashion trends


Bold, brave and unafraid to say what they want, a new breed of consumer tells their own story free from stereotypes. The power of authenticity reigns -they are fearless, bold, optimistic and unapologetically themselves.

As ideas around gender, sexuality and taste continue to change, the concept of male and female becomes increasingly irrelevant to younger consumers. The notion of camp has also evolved from a place of marginality to become an important influence on mainstream culture, fashion and interiors.

Cultures are exchanged, eras blend and glamour is reclaimed, as the desire for individuality continues. Consumers are unafraid of hybridizing in a bid, not only to tell their own story, but to speak for those without a voice.

Disruptive thinking continues to drive change and create a sense of fun and a lighthearted approach to life. Clever retailers continue to re-think the concept of shopping to include playful IRL experiences that connect consumers, tapping into their desire for more than ‘just stuff’.

Personalised products and unique shopping experiences are enabled by technology. Brands gather data and build consumer profiles to provide targeted recommendations and bespoke products - a vital change in the new retail landscape.

spring/summer 2020 fashion trends

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