15 Apr 2020

#Inspiredbykindness: Supporting our key workers

The media is flooded with stories of major manufacturers retooling their operations to produce PPE for our key workers. Whether it’s Barbour who are now producing scrubs, or LVMH (or Brewdog) now producing hand sanitiser, however we wanted to recognise some of our community who a have also re-engineered their business to be able to help provide these essential supplies.

Sent from Heaven

Heaven Sends not only supplies beautiful gift items but also it seems they are using their own network to donate much needed suppliers. In their own words “ The current situation has given all of us a renewed love & appreciation for the amazing work that the NHS do. In a small way to say thank you, we were able to work in partnership with our Far East suppliers to donate 1,000 medical grade facemasks to support our wonderful NHS in their crucial work. It's the least we could do... thank you NHS! X ”

Retooling at Treat Republic

Treat Republic are another member of our community of our smaller businesses that decided to actively see how they can retool and provide essential resources to our front line key workers. In their words... “Like many businesses we’re trying to do what we can to help key workers who are putting their own lives on the line to help us and save our loved ones.”

Over the past few weeks they have been working with their factories to rapidly produce these medical grade masks which are in very short supply, they are supplying them at cost to key workers, and also anyone that may need them. By getting in touch with them directly, they are ensuring that as many people as possible have access to this equipment.  

They have also re-purposed their laser machines. Usually used for engraving giftware, they have re-engineered them to be able to cut acrylic sheets and headbands which can be used to create visors that offer full facial protection. The design spec has been designed by an open source group that has been working on this. They are asking that anyone who can join this group or has the equipment are to get involved: https://lnkd.in/eff_gzB

We believe these small acts of kindness from our smaller businesses that echo those of our community who are actively looking for ways they can support and help each other. And support our key workers with much needed equipment and support. 



inspired by kindness


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