20 Aug 2018

Holly Tucker: The Colour and Creativity of Business

Holly Tucker is widely known as a British entrepreneur, however, what makes Holly a little different to others branded with the same title is that, in her own words, she prefers to think of herself as an 'Imaginer'. What does that really mean? Well she is simply someone who truly believes the power of creativity and making the impossible happen.

After a decade of creating notonthehighstreet.com, one of the first small business marketplaces in the world, you could be forgiven for thinking that she would be thinking of retiring. On the contrary, when we caught up with Holly Tucker at her workshop in London, it became clear that she now has a new mission, namely to continue to believe, champion, and shine a light on the incredible talent of creative small business owners and Artisans across the world.

Her new platform Holly & Co was founded as a way for Holly to share her insight and advice and help those small independent makers and business thrive. As she puts it…. “We are the official cheerleaders of creative small businesses.”

Hollie joined us at Autumn Fair 2018 to talk about her own business journey and where she see’s her future path in helping others to helping people ‘live their best life’.

Visit Autumn Fair this year to hear from more exciting entrepreneur's and business people, including Theo Paphitis, dedicated to helping small businesses in the retail industry. 

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