16 Sep 2020

Gift of the Year: Open for entries with four brand new categories

With Gift of the Year 2021 now open for entries, The Giftware Association has have seen some amazing products ALREADY being entered into this year’s competition. The GA want to make this year the best competition year to date and to really celebrate the amazing industry through the tough and unexpected year that we have had.

Sarah Ward CEO said “It’s great to see so many early entries and its quite exciting to see what will happen over the next three months. We are already seeing some great new products and we know our judges are awaiting to see which what is entered this year to potential add to their stores”

This year there have been four new categories added to really cover the whole of our industry. Read about the new categories below.

TECH AND GADGETS - This category will be focussed on the more technical gifts and all the wonderful gadgets out there that have never found a home in other categories.

WHITE LABEL - For the companies that make products for supermarkets, department stores, and anything that's for another business under their name. This is your chance to shine amongst your peers.

INTERNATIONAL - For companies and products that have performed well internationally, it doesn't have to be a best-seller, but more a product or company that has entered an overseas market successfully.

MY GIFT OF ALL TIME - This is for your halo gifts, your godlike achievements, your gifts, and ranges that have always performed well, it can even be a previous Gift of the Year winner from years gone by, if you are still selling it, then enter it here.

There are 18 other categories available, so something for everyone which you can view on the website – www.giftoftheyear.co.uk

The earlier you enter the competition the sooner you can start using the nominated logos to hopefully catch buyers and retailers attention when they are browsing through social media for new products in the home and giftware, as they see the Gift of the year logo as a sign of achievement and quality.

To find out more and enter please visit our website www.giftoftheyear.co.uk and help us make this years the best competition year yet.

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