21 Jul 2022

How to drive footfall?

It’s the million-dollar question. It’s getting harder and harder to make customers feel excited about your shop. Bricks and mortar can boost online sales but for people to visit a physical store, it’s important to offer much more than a great product range.


It’s worth noting the innovative retail concept of the new Hugo Boss flagship store in London. It creates an attractive shopping environment with its seamless fusion of digital and physical elements. Customers are invited to engage in a video game on their mobile by scanning an interactive screen in the window display.


Another way of getting customers to walk inside your store is to freshen up your window display. Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly is renowned for creating some of the most amazing window displays in London, always trendy and seasonal. This is a great place to find inspiration.


Dior has just opened a popup store in the heart of Soho, New York to create impact during summertime. The Miami Baby Concept store is not only eye catching with bright colours and bold design, but they also parked a themed VW classic van right at the front.


The main point is to think outside the box while still being consistent to what you represent as a brand and who your core customers are. You may also consider bringing outside reinforcements to draw in people indoors.


You can plan a few strategic events and invite influencers or experts to share their views. This will also help building a community, as socialising is a great way of elevating your in-store experience.


Don’t forget to have an exciting area where people are encouraged to share photos and videos on their social media. This is where many consumers find inspiration for what to buy.  It’s good to be daring and go beyond floral decorations and branded walls.



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