23 Jun 2020

A slice of Green in Zhejiang

Sourcing great products and materials from around the world is always important but does prove more challenging in this current environment. We take a look at one of China’s most progressive dynamic provinces, Zhejiang, as it takes a ‘small step’ forward to UK fashion market.

A new virtual event is launching on 29th June to 3rd July, an initiative to build the bridge for fashion under the current situation of COVID19 and there is a £15 Amazon gift card on offer for buyers taking part in the virtual meetings this week. This event enables you to keep pace with the industry at home and learn about how sustainability has been implemented in ‘The World Factory’ in China.

Zhejiang is renowned for its strong capacity of apparel and textile exporting, you may want to learn about their innovation in fashion sustainability. So many concepts and actions are created and developed by local government and industry players, making sustainability the future of their business.

The usage of sustainable textile and reducing pollution is the key focus and many local manufacturers are advocating an idea of ‘Carefully crafted in China with respect for the planet and people’.

We live in the world of limitless connectivity by leveraging the best of modern technology, all wonderful ideas and innovation can be shared and spread in the virtual world. This virtual fashion event will showcase the leading fashion manufacturers and exporters from Zhejiang, and the new apparel and textile products across various sectors, from men and women’s wear to accessories. The technique to manufacture sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics will also be presented and demonstrated over the 5 days via videos, pictures, messaging and an online show room.

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