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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023


Stand: 8C51
  • Footwear

Think Feels Good – From Head to Toe

We love our shoes, where they come from and how they are created.

Once and for all, unique.

We love designing and are detail-orientated. We are inspired by people’s uniqueness and diversity. This is embodied in the colours and bold styling of our shoes.

Today, tomorrow and into the future.

We are always a step ahead of time, because our designs are unique and develop as fast as the outside world. This is the only way we can give people the chance to express their individuality again and again.

We make shoes that create joy, by placing a strong emphasis on the details – from natural materials such as chrome-free tanned leather to environmentally friendly craftsmanship.

Wrapped in cotton wool.

A good shoe begins with the right last, which Think! shapes to both fit the foot’s anatomy and provide enough room. The changeable footbed, functional cut, cushioning and breathable lining are the criteria for wearing comfort with Think! shoes. All materials and leather used are, as far as possible, tanned without chrome. Although this is complex, our leather is both breathable and moisture-absorbent because of it. All this has been rewarded with the Austrian and Blue Angel Ecolabels.

First-hand craftsmanship.

We value each individual work stage and combine the highest craftsmanship standards with state-of-the-art industrial production techniques. Shoes that meet our strict criteria are handcrafted from the highest quality materials in up to 200 stages. Shoes that have so much potential, that we are inspired to make them even better with innovative materials and technologies.

Sustainability from start to finish.

We take responsibility for ourselves and our environment. That’s why we produce our handcrafted shoes in Europe – it’s fair, saves resources and requires little transportation. We use almost exclusively natural materials and thus only take as much from the environment as we can give back to it. The theme of sustainability doesn’t just stop at production, but runs through our entire company philosophy.

Why is all this so important to us?

Because joy is the most important thing we can produce. With individual design, painstaking quality and lots of details, we meet demanding tastes that are only satisfied with the very best. And that is exactly how joy is created.

Think! shoes accompany you through life and succeed in making their wearers happy everyday.

This begins with the shoes, but goes much further. We convey this joyful feeling at all touchpoints – from advertising material, to advice, to service on our website.




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