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At Sukha Oils, we specialise in crafting premium, all natural aromatherapy oils, designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and rehydration. Our mission is to encourage holistic self-care, and our carefully curated collection aims to bring peace and harmony into the lives of individuals. 




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  • Aroma Mist

    21 Jun 2024
    This mister and essential oil combination will infuse your home and fabrics with delightful fragrances, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere throughout. Available in over 15 essential oils. Choose ...
  • Introducing our latest innovation. It sets us apart from the rest.. This cutting-edge trademarked design showcases a chic and sustainable refillable bottle, equipped with 5 metallic roller balls and a ...
  • Wellness Travel

    21 Jun 2024
    Take the journey with Sukha Oils! Our ‘Aromaflow’ bottles are designed for travel-friendly, non-spill dispensing and massage on the go. Revolutionise your routine with our innovative refillable bottle ...
  • Wellness Basket

    21 Jun 2024
    Experience the ultimate in self-care with Sukha Oils Wellness Baskets. Featuring a full-size 120ml oil bottle with pump dispenser, a 15ml pulse point roll-on a facial roller & Gua Sha massager, and a ...
  • Wellness Pouch

    21 Jun 2024
    Discover bliss with our 3-pack Pulse Roll-on oils! Relax, Rejuvenate & Rehydrate anytime, anywhere with soothing relief at your pulse points.   Conveniently packaged for travel in a charming handmade ...
  • Repair

    21 Jun 2024
    Discover the pleasures of strengthened hair with our Hair Repair Oil. . Rosemary and Patchouli invigorate hair follicles, penetrating deep into your roots, scalp, and hair shaft to support growth, enh ...
  • Rehydrate

    21 Jun 2024
    Discover the pleasure of deeply hydrated skin with our Rehydrate oil. This lightweight fragrance-free oil is carefully formulated from pressed almonds with additional vitamin E. Its antioxidant proper ...
  • Rejuvenate

    21 Jun 2024
    Indulge in the comforting ritual of our warming Rejuvenation Oil. A strong aromatic woody scent of camphor combined with the spicy fragrance of clove, blended in sweet almond oil with additional Vitam ...
  • Relax

    21 Jun 2024
    Experience a state of serene relaxation as you massage your body with our calming Relax oil. A sweet lingering aroma of soothing lavender and earthy geranium carefully formulated and blended with pres ...

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