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  • Get together or freeze! Penguins are scattered across the ice and it's starting to get cold! Move your penguins together into a huddle… while blocking your opponents from doing the same. The first pla ...
  • IQ Six Pro offers the same fun as IQ Puzzler Pro.... but on a hexagonal grid! The top of the game board has a grid for 2D challenges and 3D pyramid challenges, while on the bottom of the board you can ...
  • Extend, Bend, Assemble, and Play! Get creative and make your own flexible, crazy robots!  Get creative and make your own colourful, crazy robots. The new, flexible, extendable magnetic bars add an ext ...
  • Inspiring young children to become musicians, discover the mechanics of music by building Smartivity's all-time greatest global hit - the Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine. Get to know how notes combin ...
  • Take the educational trip of a lifetime with this entertaining, eco-friendly board game.  Supporting Key Stage 1 and 2 teaching, this fun board game is designed to help and improve children's knowledg ...
  • Welcome to Smart Toys & Games. This short video provides you with an insight into the new products that we have launched this year as part of our award-winning collection of educational brands - Smart ...
  • Joining the award-winning collection of fairy-tale games, Jack and the Beanstalk is the next eagerly awaited addition to the popular Smart Games range.
  • IQ Arrows is the latest addition to the best-selling IQ games range from Smart Games.

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