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Kate Lloyd Luxury Silk Scarves

Hall 9 & 10 Stand 9G102-F103
  • £100 - £249
  • Wholesale
  • Product Photographs
  • Fashion Accessories
  • 10+
  • Womenswear
  • Fashion

I make luxury silk scarves for people who love horses and the natural world. I have two luxury scarf collections, one with horse images and one with leaves, abstracts or watery images. The scarves are created from my original photographs of the subjects that inspire me. Depending on the image the scarf may be square or rectangular. They are various sizes and in several different types of silk, depending what suits the image best. The scarves are Made in England and beautifully hand edged. The silks are Crepe de Chine, Chiffon, Georgette or Habotai. It's essential to feel the scarves so you can understand how luxurious they are.


United Kingdom


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  • This herd of wild Mustangs lives at an amazing rescue centre for wild Mustangs in Southern California. The herd was standing quietly on a hilltop and I was able to approach carefully to take the pictu ...
  • This huge, beautiful wrap was inspired by the autumn colours in Colorado. The leaves were like fire, red, yellow and orange and shimmered in a light breeze. The breeze was conituously moving the leave ...
  • The magnificent Lusitano stallion in this image has been let loose in his arena which has a white wall behind him. With the strong Portuguese sunlight this allows his shadow to appear starkly on the w ...
  • The Lusitano stallion in his stable is an unusual image, this arcade forms part of the stable and he is comfortably relaxed in this familiar environment, as you can see from the nonchalant hip flexion ...
  • This lovely horse has a 'pearl gene' which creates the magnificent hairdo that any girl would be thrilled to have. This horse is rather special. He is trained to obey whistled commands unlike most hor ...
  • The scarf is created from a series of images taken in Iceland, where there are large fields of lupins. The Icelandic horses enjoy roaming around in the fields and these two, with contrasting colours, ...
  • The scarf is created from a series of images taken in Iceland, where there are large fields of lupins. These were brought into the country to stabilise the volcanic soil, and have done so well they no ...
  • The herd of wild Camargue horses was photographed galloping across a pond in the evening light. Camargue horses are small but tough and chunky. They belong to an ancient herd well adapted to living in ...
  • This cheeky Icelandic horse lives wild and free in a herd on a cliff near the black sand beaches of Iceland. His mane and forelock are a wonderful flaxen colour and is body is chestnut. He is so unafr ...
  • This scarf was created from a very close up image of a decaying boat in a boatyard in France. The various colours come from peeling paint on teh hull of the boat. The mix of blue, gold and silver are ...
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