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Educational fact cards designed to teach kids all about the amazing animals that we share the planet with, to help kids to fall in love and want to protect them for the future. 

The range of educational cards all feature my original illustrations of amazing and unusual animals from around the world. The fact cards have the animals common name, their scientific name, where they live, what they eat, their conservation status and three fun facts and the colour of the card shows where in the world they are from. There is also now a set of alphabet flash cards using unusual animals to teach the alphabet and numbers 1 to 9, as well as a matching pairs game where you need to match up the adult to the baby animal seeing how different they can be.

The range now also includes colouring books, notebooks and a puzzle all designed to work alongside the educational cards. Everything is Illustrated and designed by me in Wiltshire and then made in the UK. The collection is always growing, theres currently 6 sets of cards, with 3 more at various stages of design and production and I can also offer speciailst sets designed for your setting. 

Come and say hello on stand 6F86 during the show to see the whole range and have a chat.



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  • Continue the amazing animal fun with one of our colouring books, created and designed to go alongside our educational fact cards. 
  • The original amazing animals fact cards where the whole range began. This set features some amazing unusual animals from around the world like the amazing Panda Ant and the beautiful Narwhal.  Each se ...
  • This is the second set of amazing animals fact cards, featuring another range of amazing animals from around the world, from Alligator snapping turtle to the super cute pangolin. Each set includes 36 ...
  • The latest set of cards to join the collection are these amazing baby animals pairs cards.  The set includes 36 cards, 18 adults and 18 baby aniamls, and you need to match up which baby goes with whic ...
  • Our first set of Flash Cards, based on the alphabet and numbers 1 to 9, you get to learn them all with the help of some amazing unusual animals.  The set includes 36 cards, 1 key card and 35 animal ca ...
  • The first specialised set of fact cards to join the range, focused on the Amazing Primates that we share the planet with, from orangutans and chimpanzees to agile gibbons, theres 35 amazing primates t ...
  • This set of cards is a little different, rather than teaching about the amazing animals we share hte planet with it teaches about the ones we have already lost. Because a vital part of conservsation i ...
  • The perfect add on to our amazing animals educational range, these greetings cards help to make the perfect gift.  Made in the UK using recycled card. Can be made with any of my animal illustrations.
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