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3-6 SEPTEMBER 2023

Bottled Baking Company

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The Bottled Baking Co!

The business was born out of a love for high quality family baking. Greg developed the idea and every single recipe in his kitchen at home back in 2016.

He still develops all of our new products at home along side his little one and everyone in his street gets to sample the new ideas too. 

All of our products are still handmade in Yorkshire, we just make a lot more of them nowadays and we are building a fantastic team to help us grow. 

Now stocked in 100's of independent retailers across the UK from farm shops, deli's, garden centres and gift shops through to a select range available at John Lewis, Selfridges & Fenwick too.

Dog Loving Bakers

What started as an April fools day joke in 2021 on The Bottled Baking Co social media pages has turned in to a fully fledged business.

We launched our doggy baking mixes in August 2021 with our core range of mixes, each one tried and tested on our own pooches (It helps that we are all dog lovers here), they all went down a treat.

Each one of our baking mixes are handmade in Yorkshire using human grade ingredients (give the baked goods a try too if you fancy!) and packed in to our signature reusable glass bottles.

Made in Britain


Designed in Britain


Designed & Made in Britain



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  • Our irresistible layered baking mixes in a reusable glass bottle, lots of great flavours to choose from and plenty to share with friends and family. You have a decision to make of which one is for you ...
  • Our scrumptious cookie mixes are great for all the family, with plenty to share around. Our layered bottles come in various flavours, you have a choice of chocolate orange, honey and chocolate, smarty ...
  • We currently have four layered baking bottles for this year, a Halloween one, two Christmas and one easter. This is the first year we are doing a Halloween themed cookie mix bottle, which is our choco ...
  • Our Doggy baking bottles were launched on 2021 after an April fool’s joke went crazy, so hey presto we created we made it a reality. These are tried and tested on our own pooches, and they went down a ...
  • Launched in July 2022 are our Doggy Baking Pouches from our baking range, it is half the quantity of the bottles but the same concept. We have three different flavours including a grain free mix, whic ...

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