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Our marketing team are here to boost your brand's visibility before and during the show. Check out our brochure for all the marketing opportunities available for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out and email our exhibitor marketing manager (

Our in-house creative team have designed an array of marketing graphics for you to use to promote your presence at the show.

*include marketing banners (assets to follow)

Create a bespoke invitation to distribute among your contact list.

*Link to MTE invite builder (assets to follow)

Please do share these assets across your social media, website, emails and further channels.

Press enquiries:

We aim to ensure that buyers and visitors are well-informed about the exciting developments happening within your business! Have any new launches, products, or collections? Make some noise about any fresh updates, offers, or exciting company news by contacting our press agency Good Results so they can share your story!
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