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Sustainability & Ethics Statment

30 Jun 2021 by: Crystal Magick Wholesale Crystal Magick Wholesale Ltd

Employees and Health and Safety

Every employee is treated fairly, and we consider everybody’s personal position within their job role. We expect all employees to set an example to one another as well as to the customers. Staff are on the front line, therefore expectation for impeccable customer service is high.

All employees have the same duty of care. Though accidents on site are rare due to thorough staff inductions, any incidents are efficiently dealt with and recorded, and further risk assessment and action is undertaken for future prevention.


Code of Practice

We want to excel in business, so it is paramount that we comply with all legislation, whether local, national or international.

Our code of practice relates to fair trade and maintaining trust with our customers. Customers are our number one priority; therefore, we will never engage in exploitation, accept briberies nor breach customer confidentiality.



In-depth research prior to purchase of goods is a vital aspect of being a wholesaler, and time and effort is put into picking those best suited to the business. Our directors also visit suppliers in other countries, and we always get samples of new products so we can assess whether the product meets our standards.



The company’s performance is what makes us stand out from the crowd, therefore we strive to be the best in the business, fairly and lawfully. Crystal Magick Wholesale works with many other UK importers to distribute our products and vice versa.


Environment and Cruelty-free

Crystal Magick Wholesale complies with environmental and animal cruelty acts. We do not practise animal testing and we take a legitimate approach in making sure our products are safe for all.

We fully consider the impact of plastic on the environment and use paper and cardboard wherever possible. We also recommend our customers reuse these materials.


Ethically Sourced

There are currently no established bodies that trace the gemstone supply chain, making transparent ethical sourcing of gemstones difficult. Gemstones have complex supply chains because they are usually mined, cut and then sold in different countries. We believe that for a gemstone to be ethically sourced, all workers, in every stage of the supply chain, must be paid a fair living wage. Most countries now have a minimum wage structure that they are legally obliged to adhere to. We sell our products at a fair and respectable price and make sure that all customers are informed about the origin, composition and purpose of the products they’re purchasing.

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