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Science Is For Everyone: The New Wallpaper Collection with Orbeh Studio

30 Jul 2019 Mineheart

The colour scheme of this collection is striking and bold, with varying pinks, purples and greys. The wallpaper is printed on a hardwearing smooth paper that is simple to install with no wallpapering table needed. The rolls are 10 meters long x 52cm wide. This wallpaper collection is a perfect striking addition for a hotel lobby or restaurant, adding a touch of Darwin meets Magritte; Darwin has a dream in which he undergoes a metamorphosis and transforms into a beautiful plant, which in turn is part of a deep conversation between Magritte and his interior, in which he explores the evolution and virtues of nature over being human.



“The museum is named in honour of its first major benefactor, the department-store magnate Marshall Field. The museum and its collections originated from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and the artifacts displayed at the fair. This collage was born as a small exercise by means of which, I wanted to make a small homage to nature and botany, then I found this man (Marshall Field) who was the one who allows the museum to take place. Like many small ideas, this man had the vision and belief in the power of a museum and the impact it has on society. Thanks to the museum many people can have access to valuable and interesting information. Actually the collage man is Joseph Nash Field II. He was a life trustee of the Field Museum of Natural History.” - Guillermo Flores, Orbeh Studio

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