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Curated Meetings Programme

Process Outline & Guidelines for Suppliers


This document contains everything you need to prepare for and participate in the trial Curated Meetings programme running during Autumn Fair 2021, so please read it carefully.

Given the large number of meetings and participants, we have defined a process with actions and deadlines that must be met to remain on the programme.


The Curated Meetings programme provides complimentary hotel accommodation to qualified individuals from retailers who are responsible for buying and sourcing within those organisations. In return, these individuals have each agreed to join up to nine 15-minute meetings with our brands. Your company has booked meetings in the Curated Meetings programme (Free of Charge for Autumn, purchasable for Spring Fair onwards)

The Curated Meetings Programme is managed using a proprietary platform, which you will have access to as detailed below.


Below are the key timeframes during which action must be taken to remain in the Curated Meetings programme. You can find a fuller description of each stage below.

If you are not able to complete the actions in the timeframes below then another person from your company must pick up on your behalf. Please email us as soon as possible at CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group with any questions.

You must meet all deadlines, and attend meetings as agreed, to maintain eligibility in the Curated Meetings Programme. Since the programme operates on a shared timeline for all participants, we cannot make any exceptions or extend any deadlines. Reminders will be sent for each deadline.







Complete onboarding. You will be able to upload up to 60 products with 1 image per product.

Monday 26th July

Friday 6th August


Placeholder Calendar Invites

Accept placeholder calendar invitations to reserve meeting session blocks in your diary.

Monday 9th August

Friday 13th August


Meeting Requests

Request meetings with buyers you would like to meet.

Monday 9th August

Friday 13th August


Meeting Acceptance

Accept meetings with buyers who have requested to meet with you.

Monday 23rd August

Wednesday 25th August


Final Meeting Schedule

Accept updated calendar invitations for your meeting schedule.


Products delivered Onsite

You drop-off products at the NEC pre-meetings.

Saturday 4th September

Sunday 5th September


Meetings take place

Attend scheduled onsite meetings at Autumn Fair with matched buyers

Monday 6th September

Tuesday 7th September



1. Read this page in full

2. Authorise our email address to avoid it being labelled as spam

We will email you from CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group 

You’ll receive automated reminders in the run up to all your booked meetings, to ensure you don’t miss anything. Please check your spam folder for these emails and if necessary, please authorise the email address CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group  with your system admin. Contact us right away at curatedmeetings@hyve.group  if you do not receive an email to commence onboarding on Monday the 26th of July.

3. Book travel and hotels

Book your travel to Birmingham and accommodation. We recommend that at least two nights’ accommodation are booked; for the nights of Sunday the 5th and Monday 6th.
You should be onsite latest from Sunday afternoon. Products to be displayed by your meeting space must be dropped off at the Curated Meeting area by 7:30pm on Sunday.


Meeting Timings

All meetings will take place at designated times throughout

  • Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th of September
  • in Hall 20 at the NEC, alongside Autumn Fair

Your final set of 15-minute meetings may be spread across both days - they may not be back to back. The times allocated are dependent on the availability of the individuals you have agreed to meet with.

For now, please ensure that you (and the meeting representative from your organisation who will take these meetings if that is not you) will be available for all these time slots.


Hours of Curated Meetings Programme (GMT)

Monday, 6th September 2021

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Monday, 6th September 2021

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday, 7th September 2021

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Tuesday, 7th September 2021

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Monday 26th July – Friday 6th August

The email containing the link to a Curated Meetings platform account will be sent to the person who applied for Curated Meetings; to the work email address they registered with.

This person will receive all emails and reminders of required actions and tasks throughout the programme. It’s important that this person is the person who will be completing activities on the platform such as completing onboarding and requesting meetings.

If you need to change this email address, or add an additional recipient, please email CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group 

If as the main contact you are unable to complete required actions and need another member of your organisation to receive emails to complete, please email curatedmeetings@hyve.group


Onboarding walk-through… 

Once you have received an email that Onboarding is open you will need to click through the link in the email to create and account and a password, keep these safe you will need them to re-enter the platform at later stages. 

It is crucial that your onboarding information is accurate and high quality as this is what buyers will filter and navigate the platform by as they choose which suppliers to request meetings with.

To complete onboarding you will need to do the below:

  • Make sure you’re using a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile or tablet; you will need to download and work on an excel document 
  • Click through to create an account and commence vendor onboarding through the link sent to you by email. If you need this email resent contact us at CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group

1. Supplier information

  • Each question on the ‘Supplier information’ page should be answered 
  • A company logo can be submitted in PNG, JPG or JPEG, the max size limit is 2MB, if you do not have a company logo, please upload an image you want to have displayed on your company profile page that represents your brand. 
  • Your Company bio (Max. 300 characters) should be a few sentences about your company, for example, about how your company was founded, what makes you unique, your history or your mission statement 

2. Product information

  • Before you start, ensure you have chosen which products (up to 60 in total) you wish to display on the platform. All items must be ‘gift’ and you must have 1 clear photo per product ready with a max image size limit of 2MB. Ensure you have product names exactly as you want them to appear.
  • Download the spreadsheet and read the information on the ‘Instructions to complete’ tab (these are repeated below here) 

  • For each product complete the mandatory steps below
    • Column B: enter the Product name, how it would be displayed and named in a shop
    • Column C: choose the most accurate of the 13 Product categories that your product sits within e.g. candles should sit within ‘Home fragrance, spa & spiritual’ 
    • Column D: enter the wholesale price (£) of the product per unit e.g. 5
    • Column E: choose the aesthetic which best describes the product. Aesthetics are an important way for buyers to filter products stylistically, reference the aesthetic table below for guidance.

Unique & Eclectic

Unlike anything else, a standalone product not seen everyday

Premium & Aspirational

High end with a luxury element

Design Led

In recognition of the importance of design and in-line with trends

Lifestyle & Scandi

Fresh and contemporary with modern elements

Classic & Vintage

Timeless items and those led by heritage.

Sentimental & Spiritual

Items that evoke emotion and a have a spiritual element

Functional & Practical

Items with a clear purpose and use; function first

Christmas & Seasonal

Products for holidays

Novelty & Fantasy

Cartoon, comics, Sci-Fi, and make-belief

  • You can then choose to add optional details such as Values, Material and Dimensions
    • Columns F, G, H: choose up to 3 values that describe your product. These are not compulsory and should only be selected if relevant to your product. 
    • Column I: 18 popular materials are listed, select the one that applies to your product if relevant, otherwise leave blank 
    • Columns J & F: enter the length and width of your product in cm if dimensions are important in positioning the product 

The Curated Meetings Team are happy to review spreadsheets before you upload, so do send them over to us at CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group

  • Once you have added up to 60 products save the spreadsheet and upload it to the platform
  • If any of the information is incorrect you will be notified on the page. You can download the spreadsheet (the downloaded file will have a different name, but your product information will be as submitted) and the ‘Validation Errors’ will show you what needs to be changed. Once you have made these changes, save the excel and re-upload the spreadsheet. 
  • The page will populate with the details from your spreadsheet, review to see if correct. If changes need to be made you can edit and re-upload the spreadsheet.
  • Click to add 1 image per product, ensure the image is good quality with a max size of 2MB. 
  • If you get stuck or need assistance at any point, email us at CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group and one of the team will be in touch asap!  

3. Product overview

  • Review your compiled information from the Supplier information and Product information, you can click back to edit and update tags and change photos. 
  • Submit to complete onboarding! Please note submissions are final and once submitted changes cannot be made.

Retailers will be able to see products and filter by product tags and request meetings with brands that catch their eye in this way, as such it is crucial that your onboarding information is accurate and high quality.

The Curated Meetings Team will review profiles, products, and tags – to ensure information is accurate, products have been tagged correctly and images are appropriate. If significant changes are needed the team will reach out to you directly.

Meeting Selection & Placeholder invitations

Monday 9th August – Friday 13th August

You will receive calendar placeholder invitations by email for the four meeting block sessions. Please accept all sessions and add to your diary. You must accept these meetings to remain part of the programme.

Meeting Selection walk-through…

  • Log into the platform to see the list of buyers on the programme.
  • Request meetings with any individual from a retailer that’s participating in the Hosted Program.
  • For each buyer you wish to meet with you will need to select ‘Request Meeting’ and provide a reason you wish to meet with them. This meeting reason is shared with the buyer when they are deciding which meetings to accept.

We recommend selecting everyone you would be willing to meet with as part of the Curated Meetings programme, with a minimum recommendation of 50.

There is no limit to how many individuals you can request meetings with. However, we’re not able to guarantee any--or any minimum number of--meetings because retailers must also opt in to meeting with you and our scheduling algorithms account for multiple matches for the same meeting times. As a result, you may be scheduled with anyone with whom you have a mutual match.

We do not provide the list of buyers in any other format, such as excel. Information we provide about retailers and brands is confidential information and subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Retailers will not immediately receive your meeting requests, when they log in to the platform from the 16th of August, they will be able to review any supplier meeting requests and reasons. Once we have all mutual matches, we will schedule meetings.

If you have any questions, or need assistance please email CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group

Meeting Acceptance & Assigning a Meeting Rep

Monday 23rd August – Wednesday 25th August

Assigning a Meeting Rep

  • You can assign a Meeting Rep to take all onsite meetings. If a Meeting Rep is not assigned it will be assumed that the you will be the person attending onsite meetings.
  • The same individual from your company must attend all your onsite meetings; this person will be your ‘Meeting Rep’
  • You need to assign a Meeting Rep for them to receive calendar invites and details of their onsite meetings schedule

By now retailers will have logged into the platform and accepted meetings from suppliers of interest and request meetings with additional suppliers.

Meeting Acceptance walk-through….

  • Once you log into the platform you will be presented with requests from buyers, if any, who have requested to meet with you. You can decide whether to accept or reject these requests. You have until Wednesday the 25th of August to do this, after this date meeting selections will close, and scheduling will take place for mutual matches.

4 Key Points on Matching & Scheduling...

  1. Your final schedule will be sent to you once both buyers and suppliers have accepted and requested meetings. Your final schedule will include all meetings that are arranged for you, and you will need to attend every meeting. If you fail to attend a meeting all subsequent meetings will be cancelled, and you will not receive the data of the buyers you were scheduled to meet with.
  2. Once meetings are scheduled, your Meeting Rep​ will receive calendar invites for each meeting. We will not provide contact information for individuals from retailers prior to the event.
    Contact information will be shared once all meetings have been attended (unless an individual specifically tells us that they do not want their contact details shared) and the post-event Curated Meetings survey has been completed.
  3. Your final schedule of meetings represents all of your meetings, and no additional meetings will be scheduled. All Curated Meetings that can be scheduled based on double opt-in will be scheduled. If your organization ends up scheduled for less than the number of meetings you booked, you may be eligible for a refund (as the Autumn Fair trial is Free of Charge there will be no refund).
  4. If a retailer cancels a meeting, we will first attempt to replace the cancelled meeting with another mutual match, if this cannot be done the meeting and calendar invite will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, or need assistance please email CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group 

Onsite Meetings

Monday 6th September – Tuesday 7th September

Product drop-off and collection…

Your products will be in a display case by your table during your meetings and will be stored by the Curated Meetings Team during other sessions.  

You will need to provide your products to the Curated Meetings Team in advance. Product drop-off and collection times are below, please note products can only be accepted or returned during these times.

  • Drop off between
    • Saturday 4thSeptember – 15:00-18:00
    • Sunday 5thSeptember – 07:30 - 8:30
    • Sunday 5th September – 18:00 -20:00
  • Collection between
    • Tuesday 7thSeptember– 18:00 – 19:00
    • Wednesday 8thSeptember – 16:05 -20:00

It’s important to note you will have limited space to display your products. Each brand will have the below shelving available:

  • 137cm tall
  • 90cm wide
  • 34cm deep
  • over 4 levels

We strongly recommend only bringing the 60 or less products you uploaded to our platform and ensuring that these can fit onto the specified shelves.

If you want to ship your products prior to the event, you can use our contractor GES Logistics. They can be contacted at event.logistics@ges.com or +44 (0)1217824433. If you choose to use GES, please make sure you mention that your boxes are for Curated Meetings.

The Curated Meetings team will set up and dismantle your product displays between Meeting Sessions, you are only required to ensure products are with us in advance. Please note you will need to have prior arrangements for both drop-off and pick-up; do let us know how and when you will be getting your products on site as well as the best person to contact about this.

Event Registration…

You will need to be registered as an attendee of Autumn Fair to access Hall 20 where the meetings are taking place. You can register here https://www.autumnfair.com/visitor-registration

Onsite Process…

  • Meeting Reps should arrive at the Curated Meetings Area 5-10 minutes before their first scheduled meeting and go directly to their assigned table.
  • Please allow a grace period of 5 minutes for the arrival of each retailer. We will have staff onsite who will take note if a participant has not shown up after 5 minutes.

Golden Do’s and Don’ts for Reps


  1. Be on time. The 15-minute slot cannot be extended. If you miss a meeting it will not be rescheduled, and you will not receive details of the buyer.
  2. Remember, all meetings are for a set time and will take place in the Curated Meetings area at an assigned table. Please plan accordingly. 
  3. Come prepared to your meetings with relevant product, pricing, and delivery information.
  4. Bring your business cards and any other printed materials you would like to give the retailer during your meeting, please note we do not provide electricity at the tables.
  5. Remember to ask the retailer for their contact information at the end of the meeting and follow up to your meeting in a timely fashion post-event.
  6. Remember Curated Meetings is an open area located in Hall 20, set with a series of tables, each with two chairs, for one-to-one meetings.
  7. Remember there is a 5-minute transition period between each meeting for retailers to get from one meeting to the next so meetings must end promptly.


  1. Do not run over the allotted 15 minutes scheduled for the Curated Meetings. Retailers who participate in the Curated Program agree only to 15-minute meetings.
  2. Do not use the confidential information we have provided to contact any individual buyer prior to the Curated Meetings programme.
  3. Do not bring anyone else to attend the meeting. Only the Meeting Reps can attend the meeting.
  4. Do not approach retailers in the Curated Meetings area with whom you do not have scheduled meetings.
  5. Do not try to change the scheduled time or location of your Curated Meetings
  6. Do not bring any materials or signage for the table (e.g. free-standing structures or pop up signage) Tables will include signage with your company name.
  7. Do not cancel a meeting without notice and leave the buyer with a negative experience of your brand. If you know in advance that you cannot attend a meeting, you or another contact from your organization should email CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please email CuratedMeetings@Hyve.Group 

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