Launching September 2023, Connect @ Autumn Fair is the transformative, new meetings programme at Autumn Fair, designed to help buyers find the right products and brands their customers will love, and for Autumn Fair exhibitors to create leads, orders and opportunities in an incredibly efficient and effective way. 


(Over 19k total buyers at Autumn Fair)



All meetings take place on stands 

All meetings are scheduled based on individual availability, are double opt-in (both parties want to meet each other) and held at the exhibitor’s stand to allow the buyer to discover and experience the full range of products offered. Everyone’s a winner with Connect @ Autumn Fair! 

You're in the driving seat with Connect @ Autumn Fair

With Connect @ Autumn Fair, both the buyer and exhibitor choose how many meetings they would like, on days and times that suit them best. Buyers can find the exact exhibitors they want to meet at Autumn Fair and source the best products for their shop. While exhibitors can make the right connections with clients who want to meet them too. 

I’m a buyer 

You’ll want to join Connect @ Autumn Fair to quickly find all the best products your customers will love. 

  • Use your time at Autumn Fair in the most efficient way possible. Meet exhibitors and find the right products your customers will love on stands at the show. 

  • Find specific product features and supplier terms that your business needs. 

  • The best part? Buyers participate in Connect @ Autumn Fair at no cost. 


I’m an exhibitor

Be part of the ground-breaking launch of Connect @ Autumn Fair. 

  • Launch and showcase your new season’s range to over 3,000 buyers pre-show. 

  • Meet prospective customers and generate qualified leads on your stand, at Autumn Fair. 

  • Re-engage with existing contacts to identify new sales opportunities to work together. 



I’m an exhibitor, how do I take part in Connect @ Autumn Fair?  

Every Autumn Fair exhibitor is automatically enrolled in Connect @ Autumn Fair (you’ll thank us later!). You’ll follow a simple process in the 4 weeks leading up to Autumn Fair to schedule and confirm meetings with buyers who you want to meet, but also buyers who are interested in your products too. Then, when you’re at the show, you’ll have your meetings at your stand. 

Are there sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors? 

Yes, a limited number of Connect @ Autumn Fair sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact for more information. 

I’m a buyer, how do I take part in Connect @ Autumn Fair? 

Your first step is to register for your FREE ticket to Autumn Fair. Be an early bird and get your free ticket before the deadline, after which there may be a charge. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know when the deadline is. 

The 4 weeks running up to Autumn Fair is when you start planning your visit. Simply create your profile on the Connect @ Autumn Fair platform (we’ll email you when it’s time to do this!), browse products and look up exhibitors you want to meet at Autumn Fair, schedule meetings based on your availability and accept meetings from exhibitors. For more information, visit our Connect for buyers page. 

How long is each Connect @ Autumn Fair meeting? 

Each Connect @ Autumn Fair meeting is 15 minutes long. All meetings are double opt-in, meaning both parties have agreed to meet. Buyers participate in as many double opt-in 15 minute speed date meetings as they’d like, up to 48 – limited only by availability and mutual interest. Need more than 15 minutes? Simply arrange a follow-up meeting at or after the show. 

As an exhibitor, who can I meet through Connect @ Autumn Fair? 

Within the Connect @ Autumn Fair platform, you can request to meet with over 3,000 Autumn Fair buyers pre-show across Independent Gift Store/Boutiques, Home/Furniture Retailers, Lifestyle Stores, Garden Centres, Jewellery Stores, High St Fashion/Fashion Retailers, Department Stores, Discount Retailers, Toy/Children’s Gift Stores, Farm Shops, Supermarkets, Pharmacy/Chemists, Bookshops, Independent Fashion Boutiques, Wholesale/Distribution centres, Interior Designers/Architecture, Hospitality, Importer/Exporters. 

As a buyer, who can I meet through Connect @ Autumn Fair? 

All 600+ Autumn Fair exhibitors are available to meet with Connect @ Autumn Fair. After creating your profile in the Connect @ Autumn Fair platform, you can browse and search for suppliers across home, gift, fashion and sourcing pre-show and request to meet. Pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors means using your time more efficiently at the show and helping you do your buying more effectively! 

I still have a question about Connect @ Autumn Fair, who can I speak to? 

For more information on Connect @ Autumn Fair which isn’t answered in the above, simply send an email to and a member of the team will be in touch shortly! 

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